Seneca Valley Maryland Chapter Association of Occupational Health Nurses
Kelly L.

Kelly L.

Orange Park, FL


Educational/Research, Acute Care, Emergency/Trauma, Geriatrics, Holistic Nursing, Hospice / Palliative, Long Term Care, Management/Admin/Leadership, Medical/Surgical, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Rehabilitation, Telemetry, Wound Care

About the preceptor Kelly is looking for:

Located near Orange Park, FL.

Seeking an Academic Preceptor for my Capstone project beginning April 1, 2022 and ending in August or September 2022. The preceptor is required to be prepared at the MSN level, and be actively teaching in nursing academia. The Capstone project objective is to identify a gap in nursing curriculum, research EBD, and design a curriculum to address the gap. No face-to-face between preceptor and student is required. The Capstone will not be presented to your institution unless requested. The Capstone is presented to my University for grading. Excited to begin this project with a dynamic preceptor!