Seneca Valley Maryland Chapter Association of Occupational Health Nurses
Adrienne B.

Adrienne B.

Bronx, NY


Educational/Research, School Health, Hospice / Palliative, Pain Management, Family , Forensic, Perioperative, Urgent Care, Wound Care

About the preceptor Adrienne is looking for:

Located near Bronx, NY.

My name is Adrienne Blackmon. I presently am attending Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona, online. My anticipated degree will be MSN-Ed. I am looking for a preceptor that has a focus in Education. I need a MSN in specifics a Nurse Practitioner. That is the requirement from Grand Canyon University. Please contact me, if you have interest in performing this task and I will provide more information in detail.

Thank you in advance.

Adrienne Blackmon, RN, BSN