Seneca Valley Maryland Chapter Association of Occupational Health Nurses
Mi R.

Mi R.
NP student

Attleboro, MA


Family , OB/GYN/L&D, Pediatrics

About the preceptor Mi is looking for:

Located near Attleboro, MA.

My name is Mi Remington, and I am enrolled in a Family Nurse Practitioner program at UMass Boston. I am in the process of planning my pediatric and OB/GY practicum rotation to be completed during the summer semester this year (6/1/21 to 8/26/21) preferably; however, if it is not possible, during the fall semester.
The time commitment for this is 220 hours in pediatric and 80 hours in OB/GY which are completed over 14 weeks. My program requires that our preceptors be MDs, DOs, NPs, or PAs. I am very flexible and willing to travel.
Any help you can offer to me will be very appreciated.